Financial services designed around you.

Manhattan West offers a range of services, including private wealth management, tax services, and business management.

wealth management

Our Edge

Backed by decades of experience, our comprehensive services include customized plans and tools for wealth management, tax planning and compliance, and management of business affairs.

  • Bespoke Objectives

    Our portfolio design process is based on a personalized approach which takes into account the unique goals and objectives of each client.

  • Client Support

    The highest priority of our company is to serve our clients with prompt responses to questions and inquiries.

  • Expert Guidance

    Our team brings together a diverse range of skills from education, business, economics, and law to offer expertise across all financial sectors.

  • 24/7 Access

    With our commitment to client satisfaction, we offer 24/7 online account access, a monthly performance analysis, and transparent fee structures.

Private Wealth

With the goal of providing the best individualized service to each client, our experienced team custom-designed financial plans based on clients' unique needs, using industry-leading resources, a transparent fee structure, and a clear performance and reporting system.

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Tax Services

Our firm brings over a decade of experience in tax compliance and planning to assist clients with all aspects of tax preparation and strategy, so they can achieve their financial goals.

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Business Management

As a firm specializing in high-net-worth individuals, our firm's collective experience acts as your personal CFO, implementing customized solutions to meet your financial objectives.

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