A hybrid approach for diversified growth investments.

Manhattan West VCGO leverages broad industry relationships to provide unique access to fund investments, direct and co-investments, and special opportunities.

Image illustrating Manhattan West's VCGO investments


The Fund's primary objective is to generate capital appreciation and a risk-optimized venture return through diversified investments.

We employ a partnership approach when selecting fund managers and monitor underlying investments closely. Through follow-on and pro rata allocations, the strategy will further leverage the smaller scale and early-stage focus of the fund commitments. In addition to balancing risk and enhancing returns, this hybrid approach will lower the overall fund fee by investing directly into attractive growth sectors and companies.

Fund Summary

  • Number of Investments

    Up to 10 Core Funds & 10 Direct or Co-Investments

  • Target Fund Commitment


  • Geography

    Primarily target emerging U.S. VC ecosystems with up to 20% ex-U.S.

  • Current Verticals

    AI & Machine Learning, Fintech & Blockchain , Health & Wellness, Gaming & Sports, Media & Entertainment, Space Economy

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