For more than a decade, Mr. Brack has delivered bespoke tax counsel to high net-worth families, closely held businesses, fiduciaries, real estate syndications, and some of Hollywood’s elite creative talent. His focus has been on family wealth planning and transfer, charitable planning, investments in private equity and hedge funds, equity-based compensation for top level executives, Section 1202 planning for qualified small business stock and all aspects of real estate including 1031 exchanges, partner redemption and sale transactions, and tax treatment of cost segregation studies.

Prior to joining Manhattan West, Mr. Brack was a Tax Director at the Los Angeles based accounting firm of Gursey Schneider. While at Gursey Schneider, Mr. Brack ensured that his clients experienced a personable approach to tax advice while having their returns filed on time. He takes pride in educating clients on the various tax planning opportunities available to them while remaining astute on the latest tax changes and governance.

Mr. Brack received his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Oregon where he majored in both Accounting and Finance. He was born and raised in Salem, Oregon but has spent the past thirteen years working and living in Los Angeles. He enjoys spending his free time golfing, watching professional sports, and exploring Southern California.